Introducing our “Buy A Ride to Give A Ride” service

This is a service that we offer where we take your pet to your veterinarian appointment for you!
When you ‘buy a ride’ for your pet, you are also ‘giving a ride’ for a rescue pet in need.
Your purchased ride for your pet is soon to be tax deductible as Petals 4 Paws is in the 501(c)(3) process.

Transportation is a very important component for rescue groups and shelters.
Most importantly it’s to help get a pet to safety. It is also a helping factor for the over crowded shelters and short on volunteers rescue groups to give these dogs some time out and about.
Doesn’t every dog deserve to stick their head out the window and feel the breeze in their face, especially after coming from some heart breaking horrific situations.

Rescue never closes, rescue isn’t glamourous, rescue isn’t cheap, rescue is hard work, rescue is DEDICATION.

There are more ways than one to help with the rescue effort, please join us….
we promise, you’ll never regret it!

Contact is today to book a pet ride: